About Us

What exactly is SALT+LIGHT? I’m glad you asked. We are an online Christian Clothing Co. Be proud in who’s you are and wear your faith! Why did we pick the name SALT+LIGHT? What does it mean? The term salt + light addressed the impact faithfulness should have in the world. It should do two things PRESERVE and ILLUMINATE! What does salt do? It purifies, preserves, and decontaminates. It also can irritate and sting. We are the salt of the earth. When the salt is taken out the purification will begin. We (the church filled with the Holy Spirit) are the light of the world. Like both salt + light our relationship with God should be so obvious and totally impact everyone who we come in contact with. Jesus isn’t just calling us to be devoted and sit on the sidelines. He’s encouraging us to have an influence everywhere we go. People should always see Jesus shining through us. So with that said let’s be the salt + light of the earth. Let’s stand out from the crowd and be BOLD followers of Christ and wear our faith 💗💗 -Ashley 

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